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Monday, February 21, 2011


Yesterday I sat on my couch after running 7 miles in the 23degree weather. I ran because the sun and the birds were out and I wanted to be with them. I thought nothing of the run, only of tapping into that place inside of me that knows peace very well.
I sat on the couch because when I opened the blinds there was one section of sunlight, and that's where it rested. I lit some incense, brewed a pot of coffee, collected the four books I'm currently reading/wanting to read, and sat down in my most comfortable mens sweatpants.
It was the healthiest thing I did all week. For two hours I sat in silence, soaking up the intermingling and lingering smells of coffee and incense, the sun, the moment of being very still, very quiet, very alone, and very very warm. It was beautiful and it was right. Had I not had those hours my coming week would not have been the same. I really feel that way.

I need to do that more.

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